August 16th, 2009

I’ll wager I’m not the first person in a long distance relationship to be kept company by the hosts on QVC. Having said that, I’m going to take a swipe at them for their programming this Saturday past.

First of all, who thought that 17 hours of programming aimed at men was a good idea? I’m pretty sure that 90+% of their viewers are women. And I’m checking my calendar and it’s not looking like Father’s Day or even one of the many December holidays are on the near horizon. So what gives?

I’ll wager my 2-lb bottle of Philosophy firming lotion in the ever popular scent “Amazing Grace” that their sales tanked during those 17 hours of pandering to men. Every time I turned off my DVD set of choice for the day they were pushing a ginormous flat screen TV. In this economy? Uh. Everyone who wanted one (or could afford one) already bought one. I’d really love to see their sales figures from the weekend. Like a rock they fell, I tell you.

Why, might you ask, am I permanently turned into QVC? Because I can’t stand the hosts on HSN….ba, dum, dum.

Seriously, the reason is that when Mr. J moved across states lines, I took out the cable.

My drug of choice is the Internet. I saw no reason to pay for 200 channels I’d never watch.

Unfortunately that left me with six channels and public broadcasting. Which is to say: essentially six channels.

Since I’m not a big TV fan, I never got into any of the shows that most people watch, i.e. all the cop shows, CSI, NCIS, etc. (Though I regret not being able to watch The Closer. I really liked that show) that are on the big three networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC.

And no, I do not watch Reality TV. Ever. Period. Unless under the influence or really, really depressed. Then you might catch me watching “Dancing with the Stars”. Okay, Okay, I confess: I am such a sucker for “Dancing with the Stars.” Sue me.

The other three channels I get are: CNN, TBS, and QVC.

Unless I’m staring at Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer, I have no time for CNN.

I don’t mind TBS but the problem with that station is that they show the same movie over and over. I can only take “Wedding Crashers” so many times.

That leaves me with QVC. And I think I know a little something about home shopping. There is nothing like getting a small “gift” delivered to your home as a pick me up. So I was pleased as punch when I got up this morning and the aberration known as “It’s a Guy Thing” was over and QVC was showing some pretty Southwestern Jewelry instead.

The Harrison Ford movie on TBS was an even better gift!

It takes so little to make me happy.