October 8th, 2009

Is everyone familiar with the TV show, Cheers and its catchy little theme song? “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…”

Like the song suggests there are times when I do enjoy hanging out with people who know me, friends and co-workers alike. They know my history, my quirks, and the sometimes oddball paths I’ve taken in life.

Work friends in particular may know more about me than I realize because chances are they haven’t forgotten all those sordid things that I’ve forgotten I’ve told them. Come on: you know you’ve done the same.

Who hasn’t gone out after work, had a few drinks, and said a little too much? Or in a moment of anger, said something they wish they could take back? I know I have. Because I haven’t always been the most discreet at work, maybe said too much about my medical history, or mistakes I’ve made in my youth (see previous post for multiple examples), I find the thought of starting over with a new company something of a liberating process. It enables me to start over, the slate wiped clean, so to speak.

As I’ve geared up for the move I’ve thought about all the ways I can start over. For example I could revamp my wardrobe so that I only wear long flowing skirts and ruffled blouses. Or I could go with more colorful options, instead of the brown and ivory I favor. Or what about being more tailored and conservative like Talbots or Ann Taylor?

No doubt there are some stressful days ahead: learning a new business, figuring out who the contact people are for everything from IT to office supplies, learning a new company culture etc.

I remember well (and hate) that feeling of helplessness that tends to come the first week of a new job. I am going to do my best to remind myself that it is natural to not know where to find the bathroom and it is normal to feel lost on a new computer system for a few days.

Now that would be real progress: far more important than deciding to wear wool dress pants instead of chinos.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Wish me well!

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