December 30th, 2009

I thank everyone for their understanding while I’ve taken a break from the blog. I had some gentle and not-so-gentle nudges while I was home for the holidays asking me to get back to it.

As you may recall, the last 90 days have been very eventful: we almost lost my stepson to H1N1, I started a new job, and now I’m the one doing the commuting.

I also had some minor health complications. I say minor because my life was never in danger like my stepson’s, however, they were enough to completely change my diet and outlook on life. More about that later. I promise.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me. I have an entire tableau of ideas that have been churning in the back of my mind over the last 30 days. Expect to see them all in the coming few weeks.

Here is wishing everyone a prosperous, safe and Happy New Year!