April 7th, 2010

1. Deodorant
2. Greeting Cards (unused)
3. Holiday Cards (unsent)
4. Envelopes: any size you can imagine
5. Bath products
6. Body lotion
7. Make up
8. Tea: Herbal or otherwise
9. Cellophane Tape
10. Candles (all unburned, of course)

What do the things on this list all have in common, you might be asking yourself? Well: they are things I never need to buy again. Ever. Ever. EVER.

You can add to that list:
1. Dish towels (3 ratty. 20 unused.)
2. Shoes
3. Binder Clips
4. Purses
5. Wrapping Paper/Gift Bags
6. Paper Clips

It would be relevant to note that you don’t see “Cleaning Supplies” listed anywhere on this list.

A few weeks ago I decided changes had to occur in my house. Spring fever had set in.

Generally in my neck of the woods we don’t see spring until mid-May. By the end of February I was climbing the walls of my house/office and desperately needed a change.

Now traditionally I change my hairstyle or color as February is on the wane but since I’ve started working from home and basically being in the house 24/7, I decided a more substantial change was needed.

I suckered a friend whose house I always love walking into because it looks like it belongs in Better Homes and Garden into helping me declutter and redecorate.

“Redecorate” might be the most liberal interpretation of that word ever as I’d never really decorated.

While shopping for sofas, easy chairs, ottomans and nifty decorative accoutrements was the most fun part of the job, the back breaking labor of decluttering was an amazing (and sometimes shameful) learning experience which you’ll hear more about in the next couple of weeks.

More to come!