December 30th, 2012

Year end, typically when people reflect upon what they’ve accomplished, what they didn’t, and looking forward to what they want to do differently next year.

On the accomplishment front: I wrote a first draft of a novel in 9 months. Then wrote ½ of a first draft of a novel in 30 days. Hmmmm….Something doesn’t seem quite right about that timing thing does it? Certainly the one that was written in 9 months is probably a better draft. But pumping out 55K words with my writing partner tells me that I might need to ratchet up the speed in which the ‘writing’ occurs. Novel Outline

In the month of November my partner and I basically lived together on weekends, while working our day jobs throughout the week. Luckily we both have very understanding and supportive significant others who were there to feed us, clean up dishes afterward and to keep the wine flowing when we’d about written ourselves silly. Mr J is a fantastic Cabana Boy….Or so I thought. Keep reading.

What else under the accomplishment umbrella? For a major birthday of Mr J’s I took him to London and Cardiff. We had the best time being geeky Doctor Who & Sherlock fans. IMG_2304

While in England, I reunited with an girlfriend I’d lived with in London twenty plus years ago. Seeing her again was so amazing: it was if we’d never been apart! Oddly enough, the more we talked, the more we could see our lives have run on parallel tracks.

All in all, we loved our time overseas.

What I’d give to be able to move back to the UK.

Sorry? What was that you say? Oh. Actually complete a novel, make big bucks and you can live wherever you want, you say? Well, a girl can dream.

Lastly, and to me a very important accomplishment: my sister and I threw my parents an amazing 50th Anniversary Party. Well, the real accomplishment, of course, is that they’ve been married to one another for 50 years. But nevertheless, the party was everything I could have wished it to be. The venue was amazing. Stokely Event Center

The BBQ and two (yes I mean two) wedding cakes were magnificent.

At the party, as a gift for our father, my sister and I surprised everyone by singing a capella. We haven’t sung together in 20 years and we sounded pretty darn good. People came up afterward and said, “We didn’t know you guys sang!” We didn’t either. And no one should get used to it. We’re like a one-trick pony and that one song was the trick.

What about next year? What is on my agenda?

Perhaps doing a better job of updating this blog. I’ve had several people express interest in seeing it appear more regularly. Thank you for your kind words.

Also in my near future is learning how to edit a first draft of a novel. I can (apparently) write first drafts all day long. But that alone will not get them published.

The last “To Do” is one that is in no way unique. Like most people: I need to eat better, get back into a regular exercise routine, and lose some weight.

On that note, allow me to leave you with a little sketch of real life in our household:
For background: at my parent’s 50th Anniversary party, my sister spoke eloquently of how our parents’ affection and love for each other shaped our own relationships. My father has a daily ritual of saying to my mother: “You haven’t kissed me today!” And then promptly swooping in for a kiss, which both my sister and I have incorporated into our own homes with our spouses.

Early this afternoon I turned to Mr. J and said: “Why haven’t you kissed me today?” Then it occurred to me that I’d had to run him down yesterday for a kiss too. “What is going on with you?” I demanded, in mock outrage. “Why have I had to chase you down all weekend for a kiss?”

By now he was moving in, kiss at the ready, I’m sure.

But I kept talking: “You don’t love me anymore because I’m fat. That’s not my fault!” He chuckled. I continued, “Oh wait a minute. That is my fault.”

He was now laughing but still trying to kiss me. I was still talking (imagine that). “You don’t love me anymore because my hair is thinning. That is not my fault!”

By then he was actually kissing me but he was also still LAUGHING.

I began blessing him out (while we’re both kissing) asking him “Why are you laughing when you’re kissing me?! What’s the matter with you?!”

He broke away, laughing so hard he was almost choking. “How can you be kissing me while you’re reading me the riot act??”

I blinked once. “It’s a gift!”

So…..out with a bang for 2012? Not if he doesn’t stop laughing during the kissing!

Happy New Year to everyone!