February 14th, 2013

Castoreum, you say?I’ve been getting some complaints about my lack of update to my blog. People: I’m writing! Just not my blog. So once you’ve read this blog remember: You. Asked. For. It.

As such, I did run across a couple of things this week that I cannot let go unremarked upon.

First of all: I was transported back to junior high or high school by a sneaky social network marketing ploy. I won’t call out any names but I received notification that I was one of their Top 10% Viewed pages for 2012.

I thought: Awesome! People like me, really, really like me (apologies to Sally Fields).

Then I go out to my “network” and see some people received notification that they were in the “Top 1%.”

Great. I’m a loser again.

Oh well: everyone needs a stretch goal, right??

Seriously: tell me – did everyone get the Top 10% or 1%??

Is this nothing but a dastardly plan to make me feel all warm and fuzzy so I’ll “upgrade” to a premium account….which of course has a monthly fee attached to it?

Jaded much?

But this silliness is nothing compared to my most favorite happening this week.

Did you know that when you read “natural flavors” in food products (meaning non-food, but processed junk to appear to be food) you could be ingesting Beaver anal gland juice?

Oh yes: you read that correctly: Beaver anal gland juice.

I kid you not.

Fact is stranger than fiction. And to prove it I’ll attach two links on the Internet (the teller of all truths).

But don’t fret. Beaver anal gland juice is actually natural…..technically speaking.

Pretty sure the Beaver wasn’t too happy about it either.

The Scariest Things In Your Food

Even before I read the below blog I turned to Mr. J and said, “Who the heck licked the beaver’s butt??”

Castoreum What?

And on that topic: “Why can’t they use Cat anal gland juice?” God knows we have enough of that around our house!

How’s that for a Valentine’s Day Post??

Enjoy your vanilla creamer & raspberry yogurt people!

P.S. Not clever enough to know why the type is in two colors, or how to fix it. Boo.